What’s Happening Now?

Interior plane

Every day I think of where I would rather be than still in self-isolation. Of course, I totally understand that it’s important to “do my part”. I agree with Ohio’s decision on staying quarantined for a while longer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get a little stir crazy! Sometimes I pull up the Expedia […]

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Virtual Vacation Ideas

Although we can’t go far during Quarantine, we still have a whole world at our finger tips! Turning to virtual tours, live-stream web cams at national parks and zoos, and interactive sites have become very popular ways to escape the monotony of staying at home each and every day. These are a few of my […]

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Trip Completely Cancelled

Watching the news and keeping an eye on what has been going on globally, it’s no wonder the flights and plans we’ve made have be cancelled. I completely understand that it’s more important to be healthy and safe than it is to visit a beach or get on a cruise. I do cherish my health, […]

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