What’s Happening Now?

Interior plane

Every day I think of where I would rather be than still in self-isolation. Of course, I totally understand that it’s important to “do my part”. I agree with Ohio’s decision on staying quarantined for a while longer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get a little stir crazy! Sometimes I pull up the Expedia […]

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Backpacking Tips

Backpacking can be tricky. You only have one piece of luggage, but it can be a major pain. Sometimes it’s a carry-on and sometimes you’ll be forced to check it as luggage. Either way, that bag will contain your important possessions along the duration of your trip and you’ll want to pack and preserve all […]

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Group Travel: Top 5 Tips

Welcome back to the blog and the Group Travel Series! My goal is to help make your group travel planning and execution a little easier. Feel free to start from the beginning withΒ How To Start. Today, I’ve listed my top 5 tips to help make you and your friends enjoy your get away! 1. Don’t […]

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