Loveland Castle

Who knew that there were castles in Ohio? I surely didn’t. There were about 12 scattered around the Midwest state and my first taste of these fanciful estates was ChΓ’teau Laroche, also know as Loveland Castle.

The construction of Loveland Castle began in the 1920. The designer and owner, Harry D. Andrews, built the castle mostly on his own. He had such a fascination with historical European architecture, and he was also a medievalist. The Loveland grounds are simple and yet still so complex for one man to dedicate such a large part of his life to build.

The Knights of the Golden Trail are an active group who run the museum of Loveland Castle, share information about the castle and maintain the grounds to this day. They keep Andrews’ memory and his love for medieval culture alive and on display within the castle.

Loveland, OH is less than a two hour car ride from Columbus. If you’re in Cincinnati, you’re be there in no time!

Price: Daily admission tickets are $5, but free for children under the age of 5.

When visiting the castle, you’re able to roam freely on a self-guided tour. There are caretakers and members of K.O.G.T around to answer any questions you may have. One bit of advice I was told when we entered, was to make sure you sit in all the chairs. The castle houses some hand-carved wooden chairs that may look strange, but are pretty comfy.

The biggest piece of advice I’d share with anyone who visits is be VERY careful when going up and down the stairs. They’re narrow and uneven hand made stone stairs. They are a tight fit and it’s easy to trip on the steps.

The walls of the castle are embedded with rocks from different states, different countries, and even a piece of a meteorite.

Loveland Castle has a dungeon, a chapel, a sword room, and a lot more. We drifted from one room to another, and then out to the spacious garden area. There’s plenty of places to plop down and simply observe plants, animals, the river, and the castle. The property is such a calming place. We took a break by the largest fire pit I’d ever seen. I bet it’s quite a sight to see on dark summer nights.

To see more of Loveland Castle, check out the video of our self-guided tour!

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