Favorite Travel Blogs

Currently I’m half vaccinated, so I’m going to wait to travel until I’m fully vaccinated! In the meantime I’ve been vigorously living through other travel bloggers. Here are a few of my favorite bloggers. This list isn’t long, but it’s a nice variety of content, point-of-views, and writing styles.

Hey Ciara

Hey Ciara has it all. Great suggestions on what to do in different destinations, a friendly tone, fun photos, and a complete break down of fun facts/what to do/where to eat/and where to stay. Her “How To” guides share fun activities for every type of traveler and shows us what to expect with vivid photos capturing her time at each location.

Chubby Diaries

This site is directed towards a plus-sized audience and aims to help them feel more comfortable in their own bodies as they hike, pose for pics in their swimsuits, and circle the world to see the sights. Chubby Diaries is simply a good time, I really enjoy the energy and insight from this particular point of view. The blog also shares updates on flight restrictions, passport timelines, and other non-destination travel information.

The writers share pros & cons their audience would be most interested in, such as:

Checking out all the museums, murals, and monuments requires a lot of walking. A Plus Size Pro: These excursions did not have a lot of steep hills and rough roads; making walking easy and enjoyable! However, a Plus Size Con: I wish there were electric scooters as an alternative to cars for destinations that were a little further than I was comfortable walking to.

It’s all about “write what you know” and this blog is truly tapped in to the right wavelength as their audience.

Lili’s Travel Plans

This is such an exciting blog. Lili writes about travel all around the world, but in 2017 she bought a one way ticket to Tanzania and has been living and exploring there ever since. She now owns Mawenzi Adventures – a local tour business that organizes safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs and all kinds of other trips.

I’m always looking for new and exciting travel blogs. Feel free to share links to your own in the comments!

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Welcome to your travel inspiration! I want to help people get over the hurdle of buying that ticket and give tips on exploring that far away destination of your dreams. This site has blog posts and Youtube videos that are tips on planning, travel, packing, safety, and everything else. Follow the blog to be a part of my adventures, hopefully I'll be able to encourage you to take your own!

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