Vienna is an amazing city with so much to offer. There’s a great amount of attractions, royal palaces, and museums to check out during a visit.  Out of all of the popular stops, sights, and landmarks, here are my top 5 suggestions of what you shouldn’t miss during your next stay in Vienna.

The Hofburg


This beautiful building is at the center of it all. The Hofburg is currently used as the home and offices of the President of Austria. It’s also a museum for tourist to see the rooms that were once originally used royal residences in the imperial palace.

It’s hard not to make a stop at the Hofburg, it’s in the center of the city and easily accessible by public transportation. It’s also 1 stop in a group of tourist attractions you can visit with 1 ticket. It’s the kind of deal where you get one ticket for 3 locations! The ticket includes the SchΓΆnbrunn Palace and the Imperial Furniture Collection, Vienna Hofburg with the Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum and the Imperial Silver Collection.

If you don’t want to buy a pass for the royal apartments and other attraction, you can always take a free stroll around the grounds and enjoy the Hofburg from outside. They have beautiful green spaces and gardens that budget friendly visitors would really love.

SchΓΆnbrunn Palace and Gardens


Palaces are always a wonderful way to spend a day, and Schonbrunn is just as stunning as the best of other European palaces. If you’d like to take a break from all of the Imperial glitz and glamour, I would suggest brunch (or any meal really) at the one of the many cafes or bakeries! The one I enjoyed was JAUSEN STATION. When you’re tired from walking around the palace grounds, take a seat outside at this cafe and have a tasty bite with a beautiful view.


The palace and the park were added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1996. It’s completely open to the public, so it’s also another great place to roam for free!


The Prater and the Giant Ferris Wheel


Vienna has some of the best green spaces within the city. The Prater is one of the most exciting. It’s a park, an amusement attraction, and also a step back in time rolled all into one! The Prater maintains classic Viennese traditions, charm, and entertainment. There are roller coaster, picnic areas, and a giant Ferris Wheel. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at this city-central amusement park. My favorite ride is (and always has been) the giant swing!


The Donauturm (The Danube Tower)

The tallest landmark in Vienna! This tower was one of my favorite experiences. It’s in the middle of park, which you can easily get to by way of public transportation, and it’s a great way to get a different perspective of the beautiful city.


Although this stop isn’t free, it’s not going to break the bank of a budget traveler. I also think it’s well worth the 15 euros (adult ticket price) for a trip to the top alone. At the top of the tower we sat in the restaurant and enjoyed the rotating view. As the city moved by below us, we had a Schnapps tasting and ate some desserts. I will give you fair warning: yes the rotation of the restaurant at the top of the tower is pretty slow – but it is easy to get dizzy/light-headed when sipping on a flight of schnapps that high up in the air. Please drink lots of water and take your time with the liqueurs.


Danube Canal  – Art Passage

Along the banks of the Danube Canal are walls and tunnels painted and decorated by graffiti and street artists. There’s a mix of styles from armatures to more seasoned artists and the passage is open at all hours to everyone. The paints turn the concrete surfaces into one giant canvas where thoughts can safely be expressed and any message can be shared with those strolling along the Danube.


The Art Passage is completely free. There are cafes and bars nestled against the banks of the river where you’re able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the art surrounding you.

I hope this list has been helpful. I’d love to hear your favorite sights in Vienna, be sure to share in the comments!

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