Black Owned Travel Businesses in Ohio

The world it going through some wild times, and it’s not likely that I’ll be traveling too far from my home this summer. We’re still going through a pandemic, and social injustice has always been present. Now, it’s more in the forefront than ever.

If you’re looking for ways to support Black owned businesses in Columbus, I’ve made a short list of suggestions for Personal Care, Food, Shopping, and Fitness. Check out the suggestions HERE.

For travel specific businesses, I wanted to share businesses not only from Columbus, but from all of Ohio! It’s a short rundown, and I’ll be sure to update this list if I find more businesses I’d like to highlight and share. If you have any of your own that you’d like to shout out, be sure to share them in the comment section below!


Six Acres Bed & Breakfast

Six Acres Bed & Breakfast is located in Cincinnati, OH. They offer the normal Bed and Breakfast experiences, as well as extended stays, spaces for conferences and retreats, and catering for events.

Travel Planning & Travel Agents:



Uniglobe Travel Designers is a company that I’ve known about for a while. I had a chat with .Β Elizabeth Blount McCormick a few years ago about why we would need travel designers in an age where we can book everything on our own with a touch of a button. She stressed the importance of the human experience, and making each and every trip personally fitted to the travelers.


Bridging the Gap Travel

Bridging The Gap Travel is an independent travel agency. They’re still fairly new, but fully devoted to giving customers the best travel experience! The owner, Angela Bridges, is a former airline employee and wants to encourage others to see the world as she has.


2Day Travel Crew was founded by Black women on the premise that making travel plans should be easy, exciting and affordable. This company specialize in providing groups a wide array of travel packages and services – great for sorority/ fraternity celebrations, bachelor/bachlorette parties, birthdays, and class/family reunions.


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One thought on “Black Owned Travel Businesses in Ohio

  1. Thank you for providing this list! I think that in such difficult times, we should support each other (both morally and financially), and if there is an opportunity, why not help?


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