Virtual Vacation Ideas

Although we can’t go far during Quarantine, we still have a whole world at our finger tips! Turning to virtual tours, live-stream web cams at national parks and zoos, and interactive sites have become very popular ways to escape the monotony of staying at home each and every day. These are a few of my favorite places to visit online!


Arts and Culture are always top on my list when I’m on a trip, and it’s no different on my virtual vacation! Just because we’re home, it doesn’t mean we have to stop seeking out our favorite collections of art, or experiencing new ones. Is there a gallery or museum you’ve always want to see? There’s a good chance they’re now available to enjoy online!

Here are a few museums I’ve walked around (virtually) during this quarantine, and I must say I do enjoy the fact that it’s free, no lines, and no crowds!

Vincent Van Gogh Museum

The Getty Center and Villa

Palace of Versailles 

The Vatican Museum


The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum 

The National Museum of Anthropology – Mexico City

Zoos, Parks, and Outdoor Experiences: 

More interested in animals or National Parks? I’ve got you covered! FarmFoods360 allows you to go on a “Farm and Food Tour” right from the website! The San Diego Zoo and the Monterey Bay Aquarium offer fun and super vibrant live-stream cams that allow us to peek in on the animals to see how they’re spending their days. During the closed hours, the Monterey Bay Aquarium posts pre-recorded colorful videos of all the animals, so there’s always something to enjoy whenever you visit the site.

Niagara National Park lets you feel like a true tourist. With 360 views from the most popular views, you’ll get to see the falls in all its glory!


San Diego Zoo

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Niagara Falls National Park


Take a trip off planet! NASA and Google teamed up to give us a 360 view of Mars. Using the car-sized rover Curiosity,  they were able to collect images and information to create a this virtual tour.


I hope that these suggestions help keep boredom at bay and remind you that there’s so much to see once these strange time have ended. If you have any of your own fun virtual vacation ideas, let me know. I’m always looking for new things to check out! I hope you all are able to stay home and stay entertained!

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