CBUS Coffee Trail

It’s time to get caffeinated! If there’s one thing I truly love, besides travel and my fur family, it’s coffee. I need it everyday, and it’s safe to say I’m VERY addicted! My friends and I took a trip down Columbus’s Coffee Trail to see what variety it had to offer.

The Columbus Coffee Trail is a collection of cafes and coffee shops all around the city, picked by Experience Columbus. The shops are a good mix of independent coffee roasters, super popular cafes, and small local chains. At any location you can pick up a booklet, sort of like a passport, with the names of all the participating locations and where to find them. If you get up to four stamps in your booklet, you’ll be rewarded with a Coffee Trail t-shirt. If you get all the stamps, you’ll get a travel mug!

Check out our day driving around Columbus drinking all the coffee to get our stamps:

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