Quinn’s Hot Springs

Visiting a natural hot spring in Montana was never on my To-Do travel list, I didn’t even know it was an attraction in this state. I’m so glad my friends found this hidden gem, and that I was able to experience the steamy pools at Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort.

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I was staying in Spokane Valley, Washington with some friends. We decided to make a quick half day trip to Montana for a dip in the hot springs. We left in the morning, and the drive took about two hours – so it wasn’t very far away!

Just a warning for social media addicts, we did lose phone reception the closer we got to the resort. Some like to visit a resort like this to “unplug” and simply enjoy nature. It’s the perfect place to take in the hills, rivers, trees, and more. The resort is a bit in the middle of nowhere, but they do provide wi-fi for those who can’t live without it.

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Quinn’s is more than just a hot springs hot spot, they also have rental cabins, a bar, a restaurant, and a gift shop. They have some gambling machines and daily events inside the bar portion of the resort.

The hot springs are just the main featured attraction, next to the natural beauty of the surroundings. The entry fee to the pools ranges from $11 on the week days and $13 on the weekend and holidays. The website states: Our hot springs are 100% natural, geothermal pools individually calibrated to offer a variety of inviting temperatures. Our hottest pool begins at a steamy 106 and our coolest mellows out at 89. We also have an ice pool designed to increase heart-rates and improve circulation for those brave enough to take the plunge. Natural springs like these offer a range of health and heart benefits that we’d be happy to explain upon arrival.

I wanted to try it all and sit in the water until my fingers became pruny! The only part of the visit I wasn’t too crazy about was the locker room. There were only two showers and very little space for all of the women to get changed and store their items. There were a good amount of people visiting, and there was very little personal space. The floors were also wet, so it was a great idea to pack sandals. You can get towels, we paid $4 per towel, and you get to keep them. It would have been better if they weren’t just towels we could have picked up at Wal-mart ourselves, but monogrammed resort towel. However, they were just very basic medium-sized towels that got the job done.


There were 6 pools that ranged from hot to icy. There is also a normal pool deep enough to enjoy a swim. Ice baths and ice pools are great ways to get your blood flowing. This pool didn’t actually have ice in it the water, but once you’re in it feels like you become an ice cube yourself!

It was so nice to grab a drink from the bar, sit in the hot water (after a dip in the ice bath) and enjoy the thermal heat. I will warn you, the initial smell of the pools may be triggering – it smells like boiled eggs – but you will notice it less and less as you spend time in the pools. The egg smell is the scent of the natural minerals from the hot springs!

I hope to visit many more natural hot springs, but you can watch my full time at Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort below!


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