Thailand – Krabi In The Rainy Season

I’ve been trying to get this post up for a while, but it’s not all that easy putting my trip to Thailand into words. I found the country perplexing, frustrating, beautiful, and exciting. I always want to be honest when I share my experiences, so taking time to get it all right is what I have to do! To make it easy, I’ve decided to break up the trip into locations we visited, starting with Krabi!

Krabi is in the northern part of Thailand, quite close to Phuket. We flew in to Phuket’s airport, which was a rookie mistake. We had two options of getting to Krabi; a 2 hour taxi ride, or an even longer and crowded bus ride. After being on a plane for several hours, I wasn’t interested in being cramped on a bus. We settled on the taxi, which was better since there was plenty of leg room in the car and it dropped us off at the door of our resort. It was the rainy season and the day we arrived it was dark, rainy, but still very beautiful!


Krabi is a fairly small sea side town. You don’t need to hire a scooter to get around, although it would be fun. The streets are clean, mostly level, and it’s easy to walk everywhere. There is no shortage of massage parlors, restaurants, hostels, and tour offices.

We stayed at Krabi Resort, which was a really great location. The traditional hotel had spacious rooms, but needs a bit of a renovation. The property and buildings are a bit older than the photos appeared online, but we were settled right in the middle of the town.


Once we checked in and put our bags down, we started exploring the resort. The high tide and the rain made it impossible to enjoy the resort’s beach area, so we started to plan for the next day when there would be better weather.


There were so many little shacks or stalls for tour companies. You could see all of the attractions Krabi has to offer, and book them right on the spot. Our resort provided a better offer than the stalls. We booked out Island Speedboat Tour in the lobby. The tour company would send a van to have us picked up right in front of that very same lobby in the morning.

We signed up with Sea Eagle Tour. They did mention that our trip was depending on the weather, as it usually is during the rainy season. If it was raining too much, our tour would either be cancelled or postponed. Luckily, the rain held out that morning. Our excursion was set to take up most of the day, so it was great that lunch and snacks were all included in our price – as well as snorkeling gear and plenty of ice cold water.


The stops were planned at various islands, including Monkey Beach, Maya Bay, Phi Phi Don, and Pileh Lagoon.Β  We had a time limit at each location to make sure we had enough time to make a stop at every beach on our agenda.


The morning started off a bit gray, but the sun did eventually come out and highlighted all of the beautiful colors of the water!


You can see the full Island Speed Boat Tour on my Youtube ChannelΒ and many more videos from this adventure!

The Island Speed Boat Tour was a great way of seeing a lot in a short amount of time, and it was a reasonable price. The tours are also a fun way to meet other travelers and make friends! There are tons of tours available in the area. To get the best deal, make sure all of the smaller elements – like swimming gear, snacks, water, and lunch – are included in your price. Otherwise, you’ll get nickle and dimed at every turn.

The next day was a travel day. I got up early to watch the sunrise over the beach before breakfast. It was practically clear of people and very quite. Watching the waves roll in all by myself was so calming and serene. Every now and then a long tail boat would float in to view, and then off again.Β  Watching the sunrise was one of my most memorable moments in Krabi!


I thoroughly enjoyed all of my time at our first city in Thailand. I’d return to Krabi in a heartbeat and explore more. The next time I go, I’ll be sure to fly straight into Krabi. That taxi ride back to Phuket was super long and I won’t be making that mistake again!

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