Great Compression Socks for Travel

Long haul flights are just that – long. Hours of sitting, sleeping, and being confined to a designated space. So much inactivity for long hours can take a toll on your body and your internal system.

Compression socks are one must-have for long flights around the world. The first time my feet became swollen due to flying was on a trip to France. By the time we landed I had so much fluid in my feet that I couldn’t even wear my shoes. I had to shuffle through customs and the metro system with my sneakers half on and half off. When I reached my hostel I was immediately out of commission. I had to spend my first day and a half in Paris elevating my feet above my heart in order to get the swelling down. It’s a memory I’m not likely to forget and I’m in no rush to recreate!

Socks are great to wear in airports and on planes in general, especially if your feet get cold like mine! Compression socks make socks not only comfy, but useful too.

Why Should I Use Compression Socks?

Compression socks keep your feet and legs comfortable. They also prevent your precious legs from swelling and help reduce the chance of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) during the long hours at high elevation.

These items allow fluid and blood to move up your legs when you’re sitting for the long haul flights. Save yourself the recover time and grab a pair for your next far away adventure.

Where Do I Get Compression Socks?


With a rise in popularity, these socks are available just about anywhere. One of the easiest places to get your hands on a pair of compression socks is Amazon..surprise, surprise!

Although they don’t come in one shape (there’s just the general shape that fits both your feet and legs), compression socks do come in many styles and colors.

Physix Gear Compression socks are geared towards men and women. The family run business made their sock to provide comfort while helping toΒ reduce fatigue and swelling in your lower leg.

Sockwell’s Women’s Circulator Moderate Graduated Compression Socks is aimed towards women. If you couldn’t tell with the variety of super bright colors, it’s also in the name! The foot sizes run up to 11, and these USA made wool socks are meant to fit the same from the 1st time to the 100th time of wear.

The Travelon Compression Socks are unique in their own right. Although I’ve never seen a compression sock that’s “one size” for all, there’s a first time for everything. Although this selection doesn’t cater to a wide range of sizes, it is a unisex sock. What I do like about this one is that they’re quick dry. You can wash them, leave them to dry over night, and the socks are ready to wear the next day!

Forever a travel item staple for me, I love my Switfwick socks, but I’m definitely going to grab a few back up compression socks. I do like to have options!

Let me know if you’ve tried compression socks and what you think of them, also if you have a favorite pair of your own.

Safe Travels!

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