Hotels Are Doing What??

Keeping up with hotel brand developments isn’t always easy. Hotels are doing all  they can to hold their own against competitors with cheaper rates and unique amenities, like Airbnb, hostels, and B & Bs. There’s always new and interesting stories popping up in the ever-evolving hospitality industry – whether it’s partnerships, mergers, and reward programs. Yet, these are the top three stories that recently stood out to me the most.

The Hilton Recycling Soap

bath bathroom bathtub indoors

The Hilton Hotels, and the other names under their umbrella (Embassy Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton, Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites), will be giving a second life to your used soap bar. In an effort the help the planet and reduce waste, the brand has paired up with Clean the World. 

Clean the World carries out the task of accepting used soap from hotels, sanitizing them, and giving new purpose to a reincarnated bar of soap. The product is then supplied in hygiene kits to the homeless and other people in need. They also collect plastic bottles from hotels, but the Hilton has already cut back on its use of plastics and reduced water consumption. At this time the brand is focusing on the soap initiative.

This is a wonderful way for far-reaching hotel brands to cut back on waste while giving back to communities. The next time you’re in a hotel, think twice about tossing the open bar of hotel soap into a plastic bag. If it’s not truly necessary to take with you, that bar of soap could make a real difference for someone who is genuinely in need.

The Ultimate Sleep Room

white bed comforter

Fall asleep like the astronauts with the same special light technology used in space. The Gregory Hotel uses out-of-this-world methods to create an ultimate sleeping room. In the city that never sleeps, catch some major Z’s in one of the ultra sensory and relaxing rooms.

The optional accommodations include a REM tracking smart pillow that also plays music and can be set with a gentle waking alarm. The eucalyptus based bedding is paired with a gel-infused AirCool mattress for a very comfortable deep sleep.

They allow you to bring your fur friend (since folks sleep well with their pets), the freezer holds NightFood Ice Cream, and you can also use the provided CBD spray and – to help your feet relax too – the down booties that won’t overheat your toes. This Midtown hotel pulls out all the stops to help you get the best rest in the Big Apple.

Guest Spy Cams in South Korea

blur business city close up view

What’s just as disgusting as the well-known “up skirt” shots in South Korea? Hidden hotel cameras spying on unsuspecting guests. A group of men were found to have installed hidden camera in rooms to stream online to viewers.

This illegal and super creep mode business livestreamed guests in the privacy of their rooms. Charging $45 for membership to the feeds, the men involved raked in nearly $7,000. The authorities have identified the business to have been running since November 2018. The men in custody admitted to planning out this system since June of 2018.

Wireless cameras were placed in places such as cable boxes, power outlets and hair dryers across 42 rooms from 30 hotels throughout ten cities in Yongnam and Chungchung provinces, according to a statement from the cyber bureau of South Korea’s National Police Agency.” – 

The popular trend of K-Beauty and the international influence of K-Pop stars are making South Korea is a very popular tourist destination. Hotels costs in South Korea don’t break the bank, and it’s not the fault of the Hotels that these men installed their cameras in their business. But it doesn’t put me at ease that this has been going on for several months. Since privacy issues are persisting (like the up-skirt videos and photos – especially on escalators) visitors should be on high alert.

Even the authorities suggest that future guests check their hotel rooms from top to bottom. The police want to do all that they can to end the invasion of your privacy. If you find anything suspicious in your hotel, or even your AirBnb, contact management and the local police immediately.

I wish everyone safe travels. If you’ve come across stories that have stood out to you, feel free to let me know in the comments!



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