Is Experimental Tourism For Me?

Traveling to far off places is always fun. Sometimes the routine of landing, checking in to a hotel, and spending days on tour or in museums can wear a bit thin. All of the art galleries start to resemble each other and you can hardly tell one cathedral from another. Have you fallen into a travel rut and don’t know how to get out of it? Maybe you should dip your toe into experimental tourism.

Shake up your itinerary, or throw it out completely, with some fun tourism ideas. Let’s check out some new concepts and find out if experimental travel is for you!


A tourist visits the local airport and explores it without going anywhere.Β 


This idea is right up my alley, how about you?. A moments I find myself miss simply being in an airport. Crazy? I know, right…but the idea of going to an airport is exciting to me. Airports represent the start of a great adventure, but visiting an airport and not going anywhere? It would definitely be different. I suppose you can check out the stores and buy a magazine or headphones for double the normal price. Or you can sit by the large windows watching planes take off to somewhere different, wishing you were on one of them. What exactly is the point of this experimental tourism idea?

I’m not going to lie; Aerotourism sounds a bit empty, but it doesn’t cost much and I’d try it for a day. Although I’d be jealous of the folks getting on the airplanes, I don’t think I would mind wandering around the airport for a while.

Alternating Travel

Β A tourist leaves their front door, turns right, turns left at the next intersection, turns right at the next, and so on, alternating each direction, until they are unable to continue because of an obstruction.

road street sign way

The idea of going left and right until you are no longer able to go any further sounds very silly, but would undoubtedly lead to some interesting opportunities. You have very few rules to this idea and you’ll never really know where you will end up. Implementing this idea at least once a day during your trip will surely help get you out of that travel rut.


A couple/duo travels separately to the same city and then tries to find each other.

casual cheerful daylight friends

Personally, this sounds great. It’s like the ultimate game of hide-and-seek, except you’re trying to find each other. The idea is specific, yet still vague. Is there a time-frame? Are you able to stalk them on social media for clues? Can it be more than two people? Is there a prize? I have quite a few questions!

I would love to try Eroturism. Landing in a different or new location all alone to find your partner would exciting and challenging at the same time. Once you find your travel buddy, and claim yourself the winner (again, is there a prize?), the two of you will have so much to share about your unique experiences and the thrill of the hunt. Erotourism will shake you out of your travel rut, 100% guarantee!


Tourists only visits tourist attractions between dusk and dawn.


Unless there is a nightly event at the attraction or it lights up, like the Eiffel Tower, onceΒ  the sun goes down, Nyctalotourism isn’t for me. The cons outweigh the pros on this idea, in my opinion. It’s difficult taking photos of hot spots at night and attractions usually close in the evenings.

You may see something fun and exciting about Nyctalotourism, but I don’t. When the sun goes down, I’m either checking out the local nightlife or sleeping. I’m not going stay up all night wandering around closed temples, palaces, or historical sites. I have better things to do with my night. This is one experimental tourism idea I wouldn’t try.

For more ideas on how to get out of your rut, check out more Experimental Tourism ideas and add some excitement to your next trip!

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One thought on “Is Experimental Tourism For Me?

  1. Okay. Ms. Savannah Lyons. You caught my attention with your title. You know I have done one of these: Airport Tourism – during the day, at night, etc. Watching people rushing through airports, running to their gates, watching planes taking off and landing, observing tired people – maybe they missed a flight or their connection stop over is long, etc. Eventually even meeting some new friends. Everything is fast moving except for those who are just tired of waiting, etc. I could write a book about the whole experience. Planes are a big attraction just by themselves. These huge heavy machines that fly into the air, suspended in that big space, while a small pencil cannot stay up when I let go of it. Miracle.

    Now, the Erotourism. I think I will have to discuss with my wife to see if she will take me on that. But walking around the neighborhood aimlessly. Unfortunately, in one of the neighborhoods, the people called the police on me: a black man just strolling on their streets was not necessarily re-assuring.

    Well, thank you.


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