How To Deal With Difficult Travel Partners

Traveling with others is often fun, especially if you know these travel partners really well before hand. You’re more likely to be compatible on the road and get along easily day in and day out. However, there are some instances when you travel with individuals you get along well with initially, but later discover (on the trip) that you just can’t stand them any longer. You’ve reached your breaking point and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, I’m here with a few tips on how to travel with difficult partners.

Travel Styles:

First and foremost, you should always consider compatibility and travel styles when picking friends for your adventure. Knowing your differences helps a lot. For example: You’re not a morning person, but they are. You’d rather spend more time in museums and they would rather sit at a bar chatting with locals. Knowing your travel styles also helps figure out what you’re going to be doing on your trip and how you spend your time!


Do your own research. Look in to how much things cost, what time you’ll have to check in or check out, and when the museums close. Relying on someone else, especially someone who is currently annoying the hell out of you, is not a good idea.

Time Apart:

woman reading book near store

Another reason to do your own research is to find out if there’s something you’d like to do on your own. When you’re fed up with your travel partner and just can’t take listening to them or being around them anymore, separation is best. Don’t be afraid to go off on your own for a few hours. You paid good money for your trip and put your energy into planning, you cannot allow someone else to ruin your vacation. Get away from them for a bit and do your own thing.

Meet New People:

Meeting new folks can remind you why you’re on this trip in the first place; to have fun, to experience something new, and to see how another community lives. Make some positive memories and don’t dwell on your travel partner for a while. You’ll have plenty of time for that later.


It’s always a good idea to try to talk to the person with whom you’re traveling. Communication can often uncover a level of understanding and, if there is one, resolve the issue causing friction. If your travel buddy is simply difficult for no real reason, this would be a great time to set some ground rules for the rest of your time together and/or to let them know how they’re altering the trip in a negative way. Taking the time to talk is always a good method to clearing the air.

How NOT to deal with difficult travel partners: These two suggestions I’ve witnessed before are absolutely ridiculous and will in no way, shape, or form, help improve your situation.


alone bed bedroom blur

I’ve seen folks try to avoid someone by staying in bed sleeping, or pretending to sleep. Sleeping or staying in bed doesn’t change any situation. It actually is a horrible method. Why would anyone want to pay money to travel somewhere just to stay in bed? You can do that for free at home and not be around your annoying travel buddy, as well. Don’t waste your vacation time by laying in bed with your eyes closed. Get out there in the world and see what you came to see and make some memories.

Bite Your Tongue:

“Just keep the peace and say nothing, the trip is temporary and it will be over soon anyway.” Yes, the trip is temporary, but the memories are forever. Do you want to look back on moments in your trip and think “yeah the Sistine Chapel was beautiful, but I couldn’t enjoy it for more than 5 minutes with Susan crying in my ear about how hungry she was and how badly she needed to use the restroom.” Of course you left the Sistine Chapel with Susan to find a pizzeria so she could eat and pee…That’s what happens when you bite your tongue. Instead, you should have told Susan to go to the restroom and that you’d catch up with her at a meeting point. As I mentioned before, communication can help!

I hope that these tips help make your trip a little a better. Please remember that you paid for the trip too and all you can control is how you respond to a situation. Don’t allow someone to ruin your adventure, you deserve to enjoy yourself!

For more tips on how to travel with others, check out the Group Travel Series, where I help you learn How To Start and Group Travel : Top 5 Tips! If you’re trying to figure out how many travel buddies you’d prefer to have on your next trip, take a moment to think about What Travel Size Fits You!



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