When Things Go Wrong

Traveling is fun and, with the growing variety of hashtags and posts on social media, looks easier and as flawless as ever. That’s not always the case in reality. Social media shows the beautiful side of vacation, or even just the highlights of the good moments of a trip, and rarely the gritty side. Being an experienced traveler, I know that there are often circumstances outside of your control that cause your trip to take a turn for the worst. Here are a few things to keep in mind when things go wrong!

You’ve carefully lined up flights, layovers, and memorized bus schedules – as well as pick-up and drop-off locations. Yet, somehow it all goes south. The weather’s bad and flights are delayed, you slept through the wake-up alarm on your phone and the next bus is in twenty minutes. Or the metro workers are on strike again and you don’t have money for an Uber driver. What do you do?

Take a deep breath. Remember that when traveling you are forced to relinquish some control. We do not have power over the weather, transit workers, or the luggage depot. What you CAN do is prepare for the worst and expect the best by avoiding The Worst Common Travel Mistakes.



Know the cancellation/rescheduling and refund policy before purchasing anything. Airports can track checked luggage, in case it turns up lost. Hotels can provide late check-in and late check-out (only if you ask for the service). Also, they can do wake-up calls – if you happen to be a person who tends to ignore the alarm on your cell phone.Β Do all that you can to make sure you’re setting yourself up for the best possible outcome. The rest is out of your hands.

Yes, a number of things can go wrong. But you can only plan so much for the unexpected. With money in your pocket and some entertainment (a good book, movies, music), you’ll be able to get through most of the obstacles that arise during travel!

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