Travel Safety Apps!

Now, more than ever, the foreign political climates seem to be changing by the day. There’s a good deal of civil unrest, strikes, and even attacks resulting in horrible loss all over the world. There is no way for us travelers to anticipate what could happen next, the only thing we can do is prepare ourselves for the worst and continue with our lives. It’s hard to prepare for emergency while traveling, I know. That is why I’ve compiles a short list of the most useful safety travel apps that can be downloaded over various platforms. You can carry them with you and always be informed in case of an emergency!

Cover art1. TravelSafe by BoaLogik:Β Provides important information in times of a crisis. Applied to most countries, TravelSafe has the basic emergency numbers (fire department, police, hospitals) and provides a panic button widget. This app also has some basic things you may need for travel too, like tip calculator and currency converters. This version is free to everyone. BoaLogik also has a Pro version ($0.99) which is not free and has the contact information for your country’s embassy.

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2. Sitata Travel Safe by Sitata:Β This app provide much of the same elements of TravelSafe, but also has travel alerts to inform people of real time emergencies and health risks. This application has emergency contact information for various countries, safety ratings per country/regions to determine safety, and vaccination and medication suggestions based on your itinerary. Learn about disease history and current situations of your destinations with this free application and

3. Smart Traveler App by the U.S. Department of State:Β 

travel app safety

This is my favorite safe travel application. It is free and made for U.S. citizens as the focal point. This application is not as user friendly as the others above, but I really like that based on the destination you can apply for the STEP program which allows you to register to the local embassy or consulate on your phone. This app has real time alerts and warnings, gives you the history of relations between the U.S. and any other country, and helps provide emergency assistance to U.S. citizens travelling. The Smart Traveler App is absolutely painless to install and can be used immediately!

I hope these applications can give you a better peace of mind while out exploring. Always try to stay alert and informed. Happy travels!

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