Tea Time & Shoreditch

This summer I was so lucky to be able to spend time with my friends abroad. The first stop was London, where I joined Yemisi before we hopped over to Italy for a totally stunning weekend. Of course I want to share all of the highlights, but it wouldn’t be a totally true account if I left out the not-so-wonderful bits.

Travel isn’t always as perfect or comfortable as a lot of travelers make it look. It’s easier to share the bright side of everything, but I want to make sure I’m being 100% true about my trips! From the very first step there were complications. My flight from Columbus was delayed, and then cancelled completely, and I was re-booked on truly ridiculous new flight plan I did not appreciate. I spoke with the representative at the gate (who agreed my new flight plan was silly) and he was able to work out a new one for me and get on me the way to London!

Once I was in London, it was pretty smooth sailing. Check out the first leg of my journey in a recent video post from my Youtube channel! We shopped, had tea time, and explored Shoreditch – which has very beautiful street art and graffiti! There was an attempt to stand in line for Platform 9 3/4, but the line was very long and decided to visit it again later (in an upcoming video!).

This was my second time in London, the last time I visited was in 2011 – many years ago. Although I’m not the biggest fan of London, but I did have a lot of fun. Avoiding mostly tourist areas was the plan for this part of the trip, and I believe that it made my stay there much more enjoyable. After a few days in this major city, I was more than ready for the hot and sunny land of gelato!

Stay tuned for fun in Italy!


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3 thoughts on “Tea Time & Shoreditch

  1. Spending time with your friends abroad is awesome. Glad you did it. Tea time in London is much needed omg. I am so happy to see that you enjoyed yourself 😀


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