Group Travel: Money $

I’m winding down on the Group Travel Series. To get all of the tips on how to navigate a group trip, feel free to start at the beginning – Group Travel: How To Start! ! On an update for my own upcoming group trip to London and Rome, our numbers have dwindled from four to three at the last minute. The trip is two weeks away and I’m super excited to get on that plane. Although I wish I could spend time with my three friends, I’ll still get to spend time with two of them. Since we’re down a member, the topic of money is as relevant as ever! Fewer people means more money spread between the three of the remaining travelers.

A common points of contention of group travel can definitely be money. As Mario Puzo says “Friendship and Money: Oil and Water”. One of the easiest ways to ruin a friendship, or any kind of relationship, is over money.

bunch of bronze and silver coin and banknote

Personally, when it comes to trips, I prefer for everything to be paid upfront and at least a month before I take off. This preparation ensures that I won’t have to be worrying about converting funds to local currency to pay off my half of a hotel, or have some kind of debt hanging over my trip. It also helps me to know what funds I have so I can budget (or not) for each day. I don’t like the idea of entering a trip knowing that I owe someone else money, so I take care of it before I even set foot on the plane!

For instances like meals at restaurants that don’t allow the bill to be split, there’s some great services or apps that allow you to pay your half of the bill right away. I like to use Venmo or PayPal for these smaller payments to friends who put their cards down for the Taxi or to cover the meal. Keeping up with paying your share is very important. If you decide to join a friends or family on a trip, you need to always be responsible for yourself.

Clearly you want to make memories with the people you’re traveling with, don’t let those memories get soured by something that can be avoided! When taking all of the Group Travel Series tips and tricks into consideration, I’m sure your next group trip will be one to always remember!

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