Backpacking Tips

Backpacking can be tricky. You only have one piece of luggage, but it can be a major pain. Sometimes it’s a carry-on and sometimes you’ll be forced to check it as luggage. Either way, that bag will contain your important possessions along the duration of your trip and you’ll want to pack and preserve all that you can.

Keep Liquids in a Ziplock bag – Especially if you’re carrying the bag on the plane. Keeping the liquids in a seal tight bag will keep your clothes and other items safe from leaks or spills. Keeping this bag at the top of your pack will help make the move through the TSA line a little easier.

Pack a Laundry Bag – It’s a small little bag that will hardy take up any space at all. A laundry bag is a great item to have on hand to stuff your dirty laundry in and to transport your clothes to the laundromat. It also keeps your clean clothes smelling fresh instead of mixing them with the dirty items.

Locks – I secure all of my backpack zippers with TSA approved locks. Small metal locklockss work, but they can be picked easily. I prefer the flexible combination locks. I can use them on my bag and on lockers in hotel rooms to keep my things secure.

Breakables – This is an easy tip: Don’t Pack Anything That Breaks. Try to avoid these items as much as you can. There’s no point in buying a fragile souvenir only to have it fall apart in your luggage.

Flashlight – No matter how I pack or what form I carry my luggage (backpack, suitcase, weekend bag) I always have a flashlight. In the car, on a key ring, or double duty pen-flashlight -which you can see the Favorite Travel Items video! They’re great in emergencies or if you need to dig through your luggage in the dark or if you simply want to read a book without disturbing the person next to you.

Hopefully these tips will make packing your sack a little easier. If you have any of your own tips, I’d love to hear them. Put them in the comment box below!

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