Group Travel: Top 5 Tips

Welcome back to the blog and the Group Travel Series! My goal is to help make your group travel planning and execution a little easier. Feel free to start from the beginning with How To Start. Today, I’ve listed my top 5 tips to help make you and your friends enjoy your get away!


1. Don’t Be Too Eager:

Itineraries for large groups always have the possibility to end up being stressful for all involved. First and foremost,  the top priorities are fun and enjoyment. When you overload your plans for the day, fun and enjoyment can be lost. Think about limiting one big outing/activity per day – such as The Vatican Museum or spelunking.

2.  Try the Democratic Option:

With a group of people, it’s easiest to vote on what to see and do. A trip has a certain amount of days and it would be a shame to waste any of them! There’s always a chance that everyone won’t get to do what they want in a democratic setting. If this doesn’t suit your group, and if you’re all a little more adventurous than some, dividing the group is also an option. Some can go wine tasting and others can go horseback riding.

It’s okay to do different activities. Doing different things creates new and fun stories to share when the group meets up together again. However, activities that are participated in by everyone should always be agreed up on by the whole group.

3. Downtime:

Make sure you have time to relax on your vacation. Being on the go constantly doesn’t always allow time to truly appreciate your new environment. Also, downtime is important to have some time to yourself. Being in a group all day can be draining. What better way to recharge your energy than to have some quality alone time.

4. Details:

A group of 6 is getting from the airport to the hotel how? Did anyone research modes of inner-city transportation? Should we Uber, use the metro, or walk?

It doesn’t hurt to make sure that everyone is on the same page! Before leaving, everyone should either have a hard copy or electronic copy of a map, itinerary, and the hotel/hostel/Airbnb address. It also wouldn’t hurt to sign up with a mobile money transfer app like Venmo or Zelle to settle up at taxi rides or meals at restaurants that don’t separate bills.

5. Be Flexible

Incidents happen all of the time during travel. A bus strike, an emergency train stop, or even horrible weather causing your flight to be cancelled. You aren’t able to control incidents like these, but what you can control is how you react to them! If city transportation is closed, try walking. If one attraction is closed, go to another. If your flight is grounded, that’s more time to explore. Your frustration about set backs are completely valid, but don’t allow it to ruin your whole day. Take 10 or 15 minutes to vent and then keep moving forward. This unexpected situation could turn into one of your favorite adventures, if you keep a positive mind.

If you have any of your own group travel tips, hacks, or stories, please share! I’d love to hear if you’ve experienced a situation in which these tips could have helped!

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