What Travel Size Fits You?

The company you keep sets the tone for anything you do, including travel. Undertaking an adventure on your own will have very different pros and cons than traveling with one or many companions.  To get the most out of your adventure, it’s important to know which travel size fits you!

When traveling alone you’re in control of every decision and you set the pace. Itinerary? What itinerary? You can make things up as you go. There’s a sense of abandon and the excitement of relying yourself. Traveling alone tends to be easier for men than women. Some women feel less at ease and more vulnerable when traveling alone. When alone you’re more willing to meet new people and have a better opportunity to create unforgettable experiences. Although you have this new-found freedom, you also have all the responsibilities of travel. There isn’t anyone to share hotel costs, transportation expenses, or memories.


A partner offers fellowship you won’t have traveling alone. You depend on each other; that’s why it is important that you have the same interests and intentions for the journey. It’s easier to travel when pairs are in sync. Little surprises, especially financial surprises (one person leaves the country without notifying their bank for example), tend to cause tension and can sour the adventure. Planning with a partner is a crucial element and the freedom you would have traveling solo is limited. This trade off could be valuable because you would have someone to share the cost of accommodations, share conversation with on long train rides, and someone with whom to amass memories. Forget sending a postcard saying “Wish you were here”, they’re already at your side.


Planning a group trip is like piecing together a puzzle with a thousand tiny pieces. It demands a great deal of effort and attention to details. Plans get complicated when you are trying to fit together input on when, where, and how to get somewhere – as well as what to do once at the destination. Don’t forget budgeting! Some members of the group may be willing to pay more money for better accommodations and transportation that others may not be willing or able to afford. Planning is the true test for a group. Flexibility is gone; you have a schedule to follow in order to see all of the touristy sites the group picked during planning. Little things, such as picking which restaurant to have lunch can become a Herculean feat. No matter what happens, the best part of traveling with a group of friends is that you will always have someone to keep you company.

Think heavily about which elements you’re willing to compromise when planning your next trip. Do you want to set the pace for your adventure? Would you like to share the responsibilities of travel with another person? Or would you be okay forfeiting all freedom for your travel companions? These factors can make or break your next vacation. What works best for you?

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4 thoughts on “What Travel Size Fits You?

  1. Beautiful pics! Yes, traveling in a group with friends can be so much fun, but at the same time it can be hard to reach an agreement as the size of the group increases.


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