The Worst Common Travel Mistakes

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than forgetting something. Whether it’s the swimsuit you forgot to pack or applying for a visitor visa, these mistakes can (and sometimes definitely will) make your carefully laid plans fall apart.

Trying to Do Too Much
Trying to do too much can be more of a hassle than you imagine. Being a tourist takes time. Tim to get from point A to point B, time to actually absorb and enjoy events or the sights you’re seeing. It’s never fun staying at attractions, monuments, or landmarks only long enough to snap a picture. Trying to fit in everything can make your trip activities feel more like obligations. Take your time and pace yourself!
Unaware of Destination Holidays
Arriving in a foreign town in a foreign country to find that most shops and attractions are closed due to national holidays is a very souring realization. I traveled to Japan in December for New Years and most of the major attractions were closed. Even the Robot Restaurant was closed…
Being aware of local holidays will save you a headache and help your trip run easily. Also, if it’s a big tourist pulling holiday the cost per day could go up. Hotels and transportation rates may go up a bit, so it’s always smart to do your research.
You convince yourself that you need every single thing in your suitcase. Guess what; you don’t! Why not save some of that space for cool souvenirs? Not only will they ask you to remove some weight at check-in at the airport, but you also have to lug that heavily laden luggage around until the end of your adventure. Be honest when packing, do you REALLY need all of that? Check out my last packing video!
Do You Need a Vaccination?
Not getting the proper shots before you leave could be one mistake that would be hard to fix. Do the research, make an appointment, and get it done. You want to enjoy the trip you worked so hard for, not spend it in the hospital.
Not Checking the Weather
A mistake may people make. A mistake of which even I am guilty! There are so many resources (My Favorite Travel Apps) and I have absolutely no excuse to do this anymore. Being ill prepared for the weather of your destination can be a pain in the butt. I’ve gone to Chicago in the July thinking it would be hot, yet I was wrong. I had to buy jeans and light sweaters, which not only cost money, but also took up more space in my suitcase.
Forgetting to Inform the Bank
This mistake is one of the worst. Extremely detrimental, especially when traveling solo. Once, a friend and I went to Paris, France. A day or so in to the trip her card was shut down because she forgot to tell the bank that she was leaving. Until this problem was fixed I had to pay for food and transportation for the both of us. Make sure you add “Inform Bank” to your check list of Things To Do Before Trip.
Need a Visa?
Another way to surely ruin a trip is by not getting a visa when it’s required. Overlooking this important detail will make all of your vacation dreams vanish. Don’t make this mistake. If you are not sure, check the government websites of your destinations and give yourself plenty of time to research which visa you need and enough time for paperwork.

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